Hello you lovely bunch of people you, my name is Andrew Bailie and I am a Contemporary Artist, Photographer and Illustrator.


I was born in Scotland, raised in Northern Ireland and now reside in Lincolnshire, England, with my wife and three young children.


Since childhood I have always had a passion for photography and art. I have always drawn and painted, and have kept a camera close by to document events or just explore the world around me. My parents' tin of family photographs was a fascination growing up. I loved revisiting the tin time and time again, studying pictures of people that I had never met before but yet I knew all about. An affection for photography grew from these experiences because I loved how you could immerse yourself in the moment of the image with those people, in that place.

I believe everyone has an instinctive need to create art. That people can draw an innate pleasure when producing a piece of artwork. Whether the medium be photographic, digital or other forms of media , creating work that sparks a fire, opens debate, expresses an idea or tells a story in central to life.


For many years I have dreamt of setting up a Photography and Fine Art business, so as to showcase my work along with other local artists and promote art in the community.

I am influenced by many factors such as politics, literature and journalism. My time growing up in Northern Ireland in the shadow of the troubles is a particularly emotive subject for me and it is something I want to explore in my work.


In contrast, artists and photographers like David Hockney, Mark Rothko, David Bailey, Man Ray and Rankin all provide me with inspiration. These artists in particular convey spontaneity, energy, a sense of vibrancy and an exploration of mood that I really connect with.  What I draw from them, is a sense of honesty that I strive to bring to my own work.


Essentially what drives me and feeds my passion is the idea that anything is possible. A story or even a “moment” can be derived from almost any part of society no matter how ordinary. This idea is central to my thinking and I crave the tools to expand it further.


I find that the more you invest of yourself, the more open you can be with the subject matter. Then, the rewards are exponentially greater and this compels me to create.


So, feel free to have a good look through the website. There are areas dedicated to my previous work and the services I can provide as well as a news blog you can follow and contact details to get in touch. There is also a shop that you can use to purchase new and existing artwork.




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